A Complaint is a Gift


A Complaint is a Gift

Customer feedback in all shapes and sizes leads to opportunities. Negative feedback is often times more valuable than positive feedback. Why?

Because it is often the honest, unvarnished truth that drives improvements!

Capturing that feedback in your ERP software gives you a complete picture of the health of your customer. Since this is where you capture all of your other day to day interactions with your customer, why not also capture the not-so-great things and turn them into a positive?

What's the biggest challenge to this? Having multiple systems in separate databases; it's time-consuming to update and requires entering identical data into multiple sources. Indeed when I’m calling on a customer if I need to look at three different systems to find out about the customer and their health with our company I will not check the other two so it ultimately is a time waster and creates inconsistencies. Ideally, this is when a fully-integrated CRM is ideal--one source updated, but all departments are aware of the customer's level of satisfaction.

Use of feedback brought into your CRM and attaching it to each customer provides an archive over time of how your company is doing overall and what can be done better to retain and expand the relationship with your customers.


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Jill Becker

Jill is a Marketing Manager at Wynne with years of industry experience in software and equal experience in marketing. Jill specializes in our digital marketing efforts and can be seen working hard behind the scenes at our webinars and events or chasing her two little ones. Follow Jill at Linkedin.

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