Wynne’s tool tracking and equipment tracking software enables construction companies to manage their fleets or assets more efficiently among their numerous projects and job sites. You can track real-time equipment inventory, manage and allocate costs of their own equipment or rental equipment to all of your job sites.

The availability and assignment of equipment, both capital assets, and small tools, can be tracked throughout all phases of the construction project, from initial job site request to delivery from the yard, all the way through to the return of the equipment. Project Managers, PMO Offices, yard managers, and equipment foreman all rely on Wynne's tool and equipment tracking software to maximize efficiencies and control costs. No longer are your teams playing phone tag to get the right equipment where it is needed. Better asset management in the yard ensures that you are depreciating and insuring assets correctly. 

Explore how better equipment tracking software and tool tracking software can help you manage your business better.

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Discovering the Wynne Difference

A single-source equipment management solution to connect all stakeholders to mission-critical information. You can track, manage and allocate all of your equipment and tools to your various job sites and projects.

Manage internal and rented equipment at all your yards and job sites. Track inventory of your fleet, both capital assets and small tools, as well as manage maintenance. Track costs and depreciation for your serialized or bulk items and bill out for their use.

Integration with key construction Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software such as Oracle and SAP with easy to tailor interfaces into CMiC, JDE and Timberline. Our flexible SOA architecture allows you to connect to your business critical applications.

Job Site Portal provides a real-time view of all your equipment requisitions and inventory. Foreman can browse a list of all the equipment they can source and select what is needed, request delivery times, allocate project codes, and detail any operator requests. The yard can then process the order and track inventory.

Minimize costs and maximize efficiency by managing your assets down to the individual project level. You can calculate margins at a job or division level. PMO and procurement teams can use these tools to manage internal and external rentals.

"Wynne Systems is a game changer, light years ahead of any other rental software I've used." 


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Get real-time view and management of all your equipment requisitions and inventory at all construction sites. Comprehensive data is stored for all teams to access and it is all paperless. 

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Rosendin Electric Technology Showcase
"Wynne’s software, integrated with our RFID solution, allows our teams to identify the equipment and tools that we have, where each is located at any given time, and if/when they are available for our yards and job sites. This streamlined process saves time, reduces costs, and eliminates the need for paper in the field."
Sam Lamonica, CIO Rosendin Electric
20 Most Promising Construction Tech Solution Providers in 2016
"The adoption of technology to streamline the equipment process can help construction companies control one of their large expense areas – equipment management"
John Bureau, Wynne Systems GM
KierDirect Hire - Best Use of Technology Award

KierDirect Hire - Best Use of Technology Award

Kier Group partnered with Wynne to develop a system to improve their procurement process. They ended up lowering their costs, improving efficiencies and winning CIPS Supply Management "Best Use of Technology" Award.

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