Fixed & Fleet Asset Management

Your fleet is priority, and you need to be assured that it’s in perfect working condition. Our fleet and fixed asset management software will give you the guidance to make sound purchasing and disposal decisions, with comprehensive reports, scheduled maintenance options and depreciation methods to suit your business model.

Track Routine and Regulatory Maintenance

Stay on top of all required maintenance and keep your machinery running optimally. Create scheduled maintenance steps by equipment type which will alert mechanics of when to service the unit based on calendar days, number of rental days or by meter. Create maintenance check forms when equipment is checked in. Review detailed maintenance history logs, which captures both the cost of labor and parts. Wynne’s integration with the general ledger also keeps track of an asset’s value after recapitalization.


Wynne software captures equipment, parts and merchandise from requisition, purchase order, receipt and invoice. Easily match up multiple receivers to a single purchase order so that you’re always aware of what has been shipped by your vendor. All records are retained and accessible so that Accounts Payable can easily match up all incoming invoices to orders to finish the purchasing cycle.


Serialized and non-serialized assets can be depreciated using a variety of methods. Easily report Federal Tax and AMT depreciation calculations without using a separate asset management software. You can select up to five methods for a single asset. Our robust reporting tools allow you to drill down and analyze depreciation and capitalization as well. Non-serialized assets can be depreciated as bulk lots. Choose from a variety of depreciation methods, and update the general ledger immediately thanks to the fully integrated accounting package. 

Purchase and Disposal Planning

Deciding which equipment to purchase and which to dispose of is made easier with our asset planning tool. Create purchasing and sales forecasts up to two years in advance. Plans can be saved and continuously updated until approved by management. 

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