With the Rental and Sales Operations System you can provide fast, efficient rental contract processing for your customers. Your quick ability to respond to customer requests will enhance customer confidence and maximize your rental business potential.

The Rental and Sales Operations System enables you to handle high contract volumes quickly and efficiently, giving you complete control over the entire contract processing cycle. It's simple. The operator enters a few letters of the customer's name and a complete customer profile comes up on the screen for review. The customer's contract history appears a quick keystroke later. In less than two minutes, your customer is smoothly serviced and able to move on with his day.

Rates and Deposits

Correct rates and deposits are always charged and the system never forgets to charge for overtime. Related sales and rentals are maximized so your customers get everything they need in one transaction.


Sales can be processed with no guessing at item numbers. The correct prices and discounts are applied based on a wide variety of discount structures that allow you to fine-tune the discounts given to individual customers or individual items. Lost sales are minimized and non-stock items are ordered with a minimum of delay. Built-in flexibility allows you to maintain the profitability you want.

Easy Contract Entry

Contracts, reservations and quotations can be initiated with either the customer name or number. Deposits and damage waivers are calculated automatically. Flexible rental deposit handling allows deposits to be spread over more than one type of payment. You are automatically prompted for delivery charges on delivered items.

Reservations and Quotations

Reservations and quotations can be selected for activation by customer name, customer number, contract number, or item number.

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