Rental Software for Industrial Rental Companies

Keeping track of all the moving pieces on an industrial rental job can become a difficult task. We’ve made it easier to tackle some of the most common problems: From knowing where your parts and tools are going (and with whom), to tracking on-site services. Wynne has got you covered.

Temporary or parent child locations are established, which can direct all the accountancy to the parent or permanent location. Our Tool Tracker application facilitates the end-to-end process from transfer of equipment, issuing parts and maintenance, inventory tracking and invoicing. And all of this is fully integrated into our ERP software.

RentalMan also allows your company to manage your customer’s equipment and tools through rental transactions only to the owning customer.

In-Plant Service Tracking

For industrial equipment rental companies, knowing where your parts, merchandise and tools are going is pivotal when managing an industrial site. Our tool tracking software allows site workers to quickly check-in and check-out tools, keeping your inventory up-to-date and keeping job site management at its optimum. Employees scan their badge and the tools or kit they’re checking out, and they’re quickly on their way. No longer do you have to worry about misplaced or stolen items (yours or the customer’s) -- it’s all been captured.

Integrated Accounting

Wynne’s ERP software solution comes with a wholly integrated international accounting system, covering all aspects from Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and the General Ledger. Automated journal entries for received not invoiced, earned not billed, billed not earned, along with user-defined auto-recurring and reversing entries. Our system was designed to keep a clear audit trail for all the facets of your business, including fixed assets and purchasing. And, get full reporting that meets legal requirements in multiple countries.

Job Management

Our integrated Job Cost Management software allows you to create a budget and track costs for your large-scale projects. With Wynne software, you can track production and resource usage and create flexible billing throughout the life of the project. Report on project costs and ROI. There’s even security to deny or authorize what project managers can approve. Our customer portal allows your clients to review job costs by date, grouping and grouping by contract, job, project or PO.

Financial and Time Utilization

Our ERP software has a multitude of reporting tools that allow you to review your underperforming assets. You can review utilization by time or financial to make the best decision on what action to take. Dashboards, scheduled reports delivered in multiple formats including Excel, XML and PDF’s. Wynne was the first company to be certified to provide Rental Market Metrics® by the American Rental Association.

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