Maintenance & Work Orders

Keeping your equipment well-maintained and tracking utilization is the bread and butter of your organization. Our equipment maintenance software will keep your equipment running at its optimum.

Track Routine and Regulatory Maintenance

Stay on top of all required maintenance and keep your machinery running optimally. Create scheduled maintenance steps by equipment type which will alert mechanics of when to service the unit based on calendar days, number of rental days or by meter. Create maintenance check forms when equipment is checked in. Review detailed maintenance history logs, which captures both the cost of labor and parts. Wynne’s integration with the general ledger also keeps track of an asset’s value after recapitalization.


Recap work orders can be made via the traditional work order feature. The cost of the added part will now be rolled up into the asset, updating the acquisition cost and book value. Depreciation will be based on the new value of the asset.

Maintenance and Labor Costs

Keep track of your equipment maintenance and labor history. Each work order associated with the asset is retained automatically for review later. Include a user-defined cap on maintenance totals, to prevent over-expenditures.

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