Wynne's ERP software provides your equipment rental company with the strategic tools you need to run operations efficiently. The software manages your large inventory and operations from beginning to end. The software handles all your point of sale transactions, provides asset management and reporting that are key to successful businesses. 

Streamline Rentals

Consolidate all your rental activities in one powerful software solution. Manage the end to end rental process from initial quote all the way through to customer invoicing and equipment management.


Our custom reporting tools allow you to create your own powerful reports and dashboards to manage your operations. Track equipment availability, lifecycle of equipment, employee productivity, customer activity and revenue all in real time. Manage your key performance indicators by branch, region and company.

Mobilize your team

Mobile solutions follow your employees out to the customers. Increase efficiency by allowing sales reps to look up customer information, check inventory and create quotes.


Stay on top of all required maintenance and keep your machinery running optimally. Create scheduled maintenance steps by equipment type which will alert mechanics of when to service the unit based on calendar days, number of rental days or by meter. Create maintenance check forms when equipment is checked in. Review detailed maintenance history logs, which captures both the cost of labor and parts. Wynne’s integration with the general ledger also keeps track of an asset’s value after recapitalization.

Sales Call Tracking

Keep sales reps on top on their game with our sales call tracking feature. Record credit and cash customer equipment inquiries with our sales call log, which can also capture all lost opportunities. Increase customer relations by reviewing all the incoming inquiries and providing a quick call back to keep your prospect in the sales funnel.

Special Fees

Don’t lose any revenue opportunities. Our software can include any special fees you may have onto a quote, reservation and contract. Fuel, excess weight and any ancillary fees can be added onto the invoice. Suggested items associated with the sale can also be immediately added at the time of contract creation.

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