Performance Management

Understanding the current state of all aspects of business is critical. You need the right information immediately to make sound decisions. Our performance management software allow you to create custom reports that can be scheduled to be automatically emailed to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Our custom reporting tools allow you to create, organize and edit reports as they’re required. Create a single report and let other users move columns, how they display totals or even column headers. Add calculations and search parameter fields to further enhance your reporting experience. It’s simple user interface makes generating and developing reports simple and easy. Each report’s data can also be displayed in graph form for presentations. Collect archived reports for historical and reference purposes, and share reports with an easy to set-up scheduler. Choose what data you want, when you want it, and how you like to see it.

Dollar and Time Utilization

Our reporting tools allow you to review your underperforming assets. You can review utilization by time or dollar to make the best decision on what action to take. Other reports include equipment by revenue, as well as a detailed customer analysis to improve customer relations and knowing who your biggest clients are.

Purchase and Disposal Planning

Deciding which equipment to purchase and which to dispose of is made easier with our asset planning tool. Create purchasing and sales forecasts up to two years in advance. Plans can be saved and continuously updated until approved by management.

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