Rental and Sales Operations

Wynne's ERP software provides your equipment rental company with rental management software that helps you run your operations efficiently. Get insightful reports indicating over- and under-utilized assets, while gaining perspective on who your most valuable customers are. And, don't lose out on potential revenue: Our software can alert counter professionals of special fees and prompt for suggested items to make sure you're getting the most from each rental and sale.

Dollar and Time Utilization

Our reporting tools allow you to review your underperforming assets. You can review utilization by time or dollar to make the best decision on what action to take.

Sales Call Tracking

Keep sales reps on top on their game with our sales call tracking feature. Record credit and cash customer equipment inquiries with our sales call log, which can also capture all lost opportunities. Increase customer relations by reviewing all the incoming inquiries and providing a quick call back to keep your prospect in the sales funnel.

Special Fees

Don’t lose any revenue opportunities. Our software can include any special fees you may have onto a quote, reservation and contract. Fuel, excess weight and any agriculture fees can be associated with the unit and either suggested or immediately added at the time of contract creation. 


Provide the key functionality of your ERP to personnel on the go.  Increase efficiency and customer satisfaction by providing real time information to sales, operations and transportation.  Your transport personnel can capture signatures and images of your equipment at time of delivery and pick-up – all over a mobile device. 

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