The New Look of RentalMan is Here


The New Look of RentalMan is Here

Introducing the New RentalMan User Interface: EnVision UI

We are very excited to unveil our newest user interface for RentalMan users: EnVision UI. With its modern and sleek styling, this new interface takes RentalMan to new levels. But it doesn't just look great, it also includes features that will re-define how your company does business.

EnVision UI allows you to present data and actionable information like never before with the ability to display panels of information while viewing RentalMan screens, all while boosting productivity and enhancing the user's experience. The intuitive design makes navigating through your daily tasks simple and efficient, no matter how busy your day can become.  

Simplified Design

The first thing you’ll notice when logging into the new interface is its simplified design. Tabbed navigation and a side menu allow for more screen real estate while removing “screen debris”. EnVision UI’s styling is in step with today’s technology trends, so new users don’t have a sharp learning curve to overcome.

Know More

EnVision UI doesn’t just change the way RentalMan looks, it’ll change how you deliver information. Create mini-dashboards to display information alongside your RentalMan screens to provide a 360-degree view. If you want users to see relevant customer information when pulling up an account, you can create dashboards to include open AR, transaction history, equipment currently out on rent—all on one screen!


Create widgets for frequently used items, such as searches or links to commonly used reports or dashboards.


Similar to modern web browsers, the tabbed navigation along the top of the workspace allows you to move quickly from task to task. If you need to switch applications mid-task (like taking a sales call while closing out another contract), the information you’ve already input remains until you’re ready to come back and complete your task.

Menu Option Search

Those infrequently used menu options can be hard to find if it’s not a part of your daily routine. We’ve added a search bar to allow you to quickly find the application you need to access.


Using RentalMan’s core security, visibility to menu options is disabled if your user doesn’t have the security necessary to access it.

EnVision UI isn’t just a user interface—it is a way to improve efficiency and allow users to the information they need to take action.

Watch this video to learn more, or email us for a live demo.


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