Successful rental companies attribute their accomplishments to a commitment of superior customer service, as well as their ability to quickly access information on locations, customers and equipment.

To meet this challenge, Wynne Systems had to provide a system so flexible it would accommodate the customer's formula for success and still maintain a base product that could be effectively supported; to create a system that adapts to the business requirements - not the business adapting to the software.

Wynne Systems ERP solution was developed in partnership with rental industry leaders. Debuting in 1993, within months it was clear that this innovative information system would enable any rental business to first fully capture, then make, the most of the information.

Wynne Systems develops the enterprise resource planning application for our industry. Our software is a combination of business management practice and technology, where Information Technology integrates with your company's core business processes to enable the achievement of specific business objectives.

Today, we are producing results for the best-run companies, such as United Rentals, Hertz Equipment Rentals, and Sunbelt Rentals. From Rental and Sales Operation and Analysis, to Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Purchasing and Equipment Maintenance - RentalMan has the power you need to increase productivity, reduce costs and expand your business.

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