Equipment tracking software to better manage your external equipment re-rents

Companies who need to manage both owned and externally rented equipment struggle when it comes to tracking re-rented equipment, usage, and profitability. The time it takes to research and call multiple vendors just to ensure you’re receiving the best deal is painful and tedious. With Supplier Connect, not only can you minimize the time it takes to get quotes, but you can certify you’re selecting the best pricing. And its simple-to-use interface gives those out on the job site, users in the equipment facility and vendors one platform total visibility to view, and provides total visibility of where the equipment is and for how long.

Equipment tracking software to better manage your external equipment re-rents

How equipment tracking software can improve your re-rent processes.

Better Cost Management

Frustration with calling multiple vendors ends up with users selecting whoever can deliver on time, but not at the best rates. Supplier Connect will automatically email multiple preferred vendors once a requisition is submitted and your team can easily compare who is most competitive.

No Unforeseen Costs

Vendors creating quotes can enter additional fees and costs associated with the re-rent. When it comes time for invoice payment, there won’t be any unforeseen charges that requires more man hours to challenge or end up being paid by accident.

Total Transparency

Know what is where, for how long and when it’s going back. The job site, equipment facility and vendor can all log in and see exactly where each unit is, for total transparency.

Save Time

With cost overruns eating away at profit margins, you need your best people working on what matters, not sourcing equipment. With Supplier Connect, all it takes is one requisition created to get multiple quotes from vendors.

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