MobileLink + Lou-Tec

Lou-Tec lowered their days sales out on customer damage invoices, increased utilization and strengthened their client relationships–all with the help from MobileLink.


Improve Efficiencies of Your Field Teams using the Award-winning MobileLink

Winner of the 2017 RER Innovative Product Award. MobileLink seamlessly connects your field, yard and office staff to RentalMan to enhance your operational processes. Mobility empowers your sales and operational team and extends the power of RentalMan directly to your team working outside the office. Untether your field team to maximize their potential.

Field personnel no longer have to manually check-in or check-out equipment in the yard and then transfer it to the system later. Your team can view equipment status in real-time, create quotes, check-in, and check-out equipment, collect digital signatures, photograph equipment condition and look up customer information all from their mobile devices.

Clients are using this award-winning app to:

  • Allow management to see at a glance how their operations are performing even while they are out of the office or on the weekend.
  • Increase efficiencies for operations teams by enabling a more streamlined check-out and check-in experience that is increasing productivity and reducing errors.
  • Empower their sales teams to better prepare for customer interactions right before they walk in the customer’s door.

What does MobileLink look like for my business?

Quick Check Out & In

Improve Efficiencies of Your Field Teams using the Award-winning MobileLink

Detailed Customer Info

Improve Efficiencies of Your Field Teams using the Award-winning MobileLink

Image Capture

Improve Efficiencies of Your Field Teams using the Award-winning MobileLink

Signature Capture

Improve Efficiencies of Your Field Teams using the Award-winning MobileLink

Anytime, Anywhere Field Access

Allow your field personnel to access key functions in RentalMan from any connected device, anytime anywhere. On the go access to real-time inventory views, check-in and check-out capabilities, ability to create and send quotes to customers, access to customer details, condition reporting, equipment photographs and digital signature capture.

Boost Your Sales Efforts

Sales personnel can easily check inventory and create quotes right from the customer’s site. They can send the quote directly to the customer’s email box with a few simple clicks. Sales can see customer details including their sales history, AR summary and open quotes on one easy to access screen on their phone.

Reduce Your Liability

MobileLink gives your operations team the ability to document your equipment condition at both check-out and check-in. In addition to a mobile condition check list, you can require photos to document equipment condition. Once complete the mobile photos and checklist are automatically loaded to your main RentalMan files and can document damage. Contract signature can also be signed directly on the mobile app.

Enhance Operational Efficiencies

Untethering your field team from their computers will improve your operational speed and accuracy. Field personnel can avoid having to call someone back at the office to check on inventory or create a quote. They can avoid double work of recording information in the field and bringing it back to office to input into RentalMan.

RER Innovative Product Award Winner

MobileLink is the winner of the 2017 Rental Equipment Register Award for Technology Enhancements.

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MobileLink Summary

See how MobileLink can benefit your business

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MobileLink Demo

See MobileLink in action. View this video to see how it can improve your sales and operational processes.

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