Integration with Other Systems Improves Productivity

Wynne’s RentalResult software was built to be a full end to end ERP; however, there are times when business needs to integrate with other external systems. This may be required if there is a corporate ERP or to connect to a best of breed application that the equipment management/rental group needs. Whatever the reason, Wynne has APIs that make integration easy. Our team can work with you to match the data and get the information flowing where you need it.

Integration To Your Other Systems

  • Integration to Corporate ERP – For companies with a company-wide, corporate ERP, like Oracle, SAP or JD Edwards passing data between systems can be a challenge.  Our flexible APIs can be set up to be one-way or bi-directional based on your needs. The depth of your integration and where the master data resides are up to you, but we have experience with simple to highly complex solutions for our customers.
  • Integrate to Your CRM – If your company uses a CRM system like Salesforce, Zoho or MS Dynamics, you likely want to pass data to and from RentalResult. We can integrate customer and contact data as well as more detailed transactional data.
  • Integration to Telematics and IoT – As the Internet of Things (IoT) gains momentum you will likely want to collect that data and merge it with your main RentalResult data. We have a plug in APIs for common telematics providers and can build API hooks and mapping for almost any kind of data you want to collect.

Reduce Order Entry Time and Mistakes

There is no need to enter data into more than one system. Our integration can automate information flow to and from the RentalResult platform. This real time flow enables you to provide better visibility of your data in all the systems you rely on.

Flexible Architecture

Where you need SOAP or RESTful web services or flat files, we have a flexible open architecture that can be configured to meet your needs. We can integrate with multiple middle wares and fit that directly into your company’s business logic.

Highly Secure and Scalable

Our APIs utilize industry standard protocols to authenticate data workflows to make sure the data goes where it is supposed to go. We have two different authentication flows based on your security platform and requirements.

Full Visibility

You get full visibility of the interfaces and you get clear messaging on any failures or data errors both to and from the system.

Integration White Paper

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