Reports and Dashboards to Fine Tune Your Operations

Wynne’s reporting package, Reporter, allows users across your organization to collect, blend, analyze and visualize key business data from one integrated platform. Users can create, modify and distribute reports, graphs, and dashboards to support your business metrics and KPIs. An intuitive system puts the strength of reporting directly into your users’ hands, freeing up IT staff.

Users can build dashboards and drill down reports that can be embedded directly within the RentalResult application or emailed to recipients. This puts key data right into the hands of your staff enabling them to proactively manage your business. Users can also create ad-hoc reporting and exception reporting to proactively address issues.

Embedded Dashboards

Embedded dashboards and reports allows you to customize your software to display real-time data right in their RentalResult application. A drill down feature allows users to click on the charts and graphs to access the underlying data for further inspection.


Reporter features an intuitive interface and language that enables you to produce your own, self-service reports and dashboards. End users can create or personalize your own reports and dashboards, freeing up the IT staff to work on other projects.

Combines Data Sources

Reporter can easily connect to all your data sources. RentalResult data can be combined with any other structured or unstructured data you have from other applications or databases, including corporate ERP, CRM, Excel spreadsheets, etc.

Secure Access

Access is secure and you can configure who can write and read various reports. This ensures your data is only visible by its intended audience. For example, sensitive financial data is not accessed by non-finance personnel.

Flexible Distribution

Reports can be exported into a number of different formats from Excel to PDF. Routine reports can be scheduled to run and be distributed to key personnel according to your time tables. Live–Excel allows you to place a report or dashboard on their desktop that refreshes with new data every time they open the report.

KPI and Exception Reporting

Key KPIs can be developed and broadcast to a wide audience. In addition to standard regular reports, one off ad-hoc exception reports can be developed on the fly to get more information on a trend or issue. The report module can be configured to send an exception report only when the data is “interesting” not simply sent by rote.

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