Stay Connected with Your Customers with RenterLink:
An eCommerce Equipment Rental Solution

RenterLink is a new eCommerce application that connects your renters to your equipment rental or specialty rental company. The product is designed to increase renter engagement, reduce frustration and improve your operational efficiencies.

The product provides an out of the box eCommerce solution that you can use to easily connect your customers to your rental business. Your customers can rent equipment, manage their orders, track their shipments and make returns. All of the processes that used to require them picking up the phone can now be handled seamlessly with a few clicks on their smartphone, tablet or computer.

Renters can browse a visual display of your inventory and request quotes. They can view order history, access current orders and easily repeat orders. The app will track the status of their request so they can see their progress of what they ordered and when they should expect delivery. Renters can sign for equipment when it gets delivered and request pickup when they are done using it. This real time communication and one-click access to customer support makes renting equipment easy and is sure to help drive rental revenue.

How does RenterLink's equipment management solution help your business?

Ubiquitous Access

Renters can access this browser-based web app from almost everywhere. The app was built with portability and responsiveness in mind, providing access to most mobile phone, tablet, and desktop resolutions, regardless of device type, browser, or operating system.

Empower Your Customers

Customers can browse equipment, request a quote, view delivery status, sign for orders and request a pick up all over any mobile device or laptop.

Quick Turn Up

Minimal implementation is needed to get your custom branded site up and running. You can live and taking orders within a few weeks.

Turn-key eCommerce Site

Simply add the URL to your website and quickly create an online market place for your customers to browse, rent and manage orders.

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RenterLink in Action

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