Crane Rental Software to Run Your Operations

Wynne’s crane rental software is highly configurable and built to support your unique business requirements. The system is set up to manage your fixed assets as well as your labor requirements. Our software can manage your point-of-sale needs all the way to your accounting requirements in one easy to use rental software solution. We provide a full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, or you can integrate our rental equipment software with your corporate ERP–whichever method best suits your existing infrastructure.

How does our equipment rental software help your crane company?

Streamline Your Processes

Manage and track all your assets all the way through your process in real-time through the paperless system rather than rely on paperwork, spreadsheets, and whiteboards. Track all your equipment, ancillary equipment and labor required from erection to ongoing rental to the final disassembling of the cranes.

Supports Your Unique Process Flows

Our rental equipment software is designed around your process flows, allowing you to flex the software to fit your business needs. You can run multiple workflows to capture different information and drive different business processes based on customer, equipment and location types.

Better Track and Charge for Your Labor

Complex crane rentals require detailed setup, operation, and takedowns by trained personnel. Our crane rental software will track labor as part of your rentals. Track timesheets for operators, riggers, ironworkers and more either to feed your rental billing or just for internal cost tracking. When you need to provide installation or ongoing labor as part of your total package our equipment rental software has got you covered.

Manage Costs by the Project or Job

You will be able to provide project and job costing within the rental process allowing you to attribute revenues and cost to your jobs. You can capture project information on work orders, purchase orders, re-rents, or sales and rentals, to get a complete picture of your specialist crane rental project. All this information feeds straight into the general ledger giving you an accurate P&L by project at any time.

Maximize ROI by tracking ancillary equipment

Tracking all of the ancillary equipment such as mats and man-baskets ensures you are capturing your true cost of service. This information will ensure your actual returns match your initial quote and prevents you from leaving equipment behind unknowingly. If you want to track ancillaries as bulk items you can, or you can link to RFID readers for even greater accuracy.

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