Reporting & Analytics for Transportation Management Companies

Transform data into decisions

Empower your business with instant access to the business intelligence you need to enhance operational efficiency and make data-based decisions. By bypassing the technical and administrative hurdles common to most other business intelligence solutions, DSi Insights unburdens IT teams, and enables you to configure dashboards and generate reports self-sufficiently.

BI without the IT burden

Fully integrated with DSi Mobile and Transport Manager, DSi Insights requires only minimal involvement from your IT team to setup. Once configured, DSi Insights enables users to customize dashboards and generate reports entirely self-sufficiently.

See the whole picture

With DSi Insights, users can view and analyze data from Wynne and third-party applications from a single platform. This consolidation accelerates the data analysis process and makes identifying data connections far easier.

Make data-informed decisions 

When making important business decisions, it's crucial that companies operate with the most relevant data available. DSi Insights works in real-time, granting users anytime access to their most up-to-date information.

Easily share your intelligence

Transforming data into decisions requires buy-in within your department and sometimes across your organization. DSi Insights makes it easy to share your findings with your peers with just a few clicks.

Designed for transport

Before they can surface metrics meaningful for your transport business, generic BI tools require significant configuration. DSi Insights has been specifically developed for the transportation industry, enabling users to view the metrics they care about most right out of the box.