Equipment Rental Software for Your Aerial and Access Company

Aerial equipment and access equipment companies know that keeping your assets well-maintained and tracking their movement from site-to-site is vital for business. With Wynne’s equipment rental software, you will know exactly when to service, and at what interval, to keep your unit’s utilization high and maintenance costs low.

How does our equipment rental software help your Aerial and Access company?

Better Asset Management

Track the constant relocation, repair and disposal of all of your aerial and access equipment. Wynne’s equipment rental software tracks each item from the initial purchase order through to its disposal, including office equipment. The flexibility of our software solution allows for non-serialized equipment to be depreciated, using a variety of depreciation methods across multiple books. Track parts, consumables and merchandise through our sophisticated inventory management module. Fully account for inventory via full inventory, cycle counts and spot counts. And with our fully-integrated accounting system, you won’t have to worry about updating any ledgers for variations.

Prevent Unnecessary Breakdowns

Stay on top of all required maintenance and keep your machinery running optimally. Our equipment rental software allows you to create scheduled maintenance steps by equipment type which will alert mechanics of when to service the unit based on calendar days, number of rental days or by meter. Create maintenance check forms immediately when equipment in checked in from rental. You can review detailed maintenance history logs, which captures both the cost of labor and parts so you understand the true cost of ownership. Our wholly integrated software keeps track of an asset’s value after recapitalization from work orders and writes this to your general ledger.

Reduce Costs from Your Underperforming Assets

Our rental software has a wide breadth of reporting tools that allow you to quickly identify your underperforming assets. You can review utilization by time or financially to make the best decision on whether to sell, transfer or dispose of equipment.

Minimize Late Payments with Advance Billing

You can bill in advance for an open contract, using a variety of available billing methods (28-day, bi-weekly, exact day, etc.). This minimizes the risk of invoices falling into overdue status. Advance billed contracts will automatically calculate the credit amount if the equipment is returned prior to the invoice end date. Invoicing choices are expansive. Generate invoices in advance, in the rear or when the time on rent equals the period rate. X billing allows you to customize the periodic billing to meet your customers’ requirements.

The Wynne Experience

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“The system does everything for us, from point of sale, to contract, to back office, to profit and loss.”

Mike Crouch, President and COO
Acme Lift

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