Rental Equipment Software for Accounting & Finance Teams

Wynne’s equipment rental software provides financial and accounting solutions to help you manage your rental company. Our fully integrated accounting package makes Wynne software the most flexible and dynamic rental solution available, regardless of your industry. Accounts payable, receivable and the general ledger are all unified, meaning you don’t have to duplicate data across one or more systems.

How Does Our Rental Equipment Software Help Finance and Accounting Teams?

General Ledger

Paperless PO matching allows your team to work faster and without the hassle of matching up endless orders and corresponding receipts. Invoices are matched electronically to their proper receipt so that you can ensure you’re being billed correctly.


Serialized and non-serialized assets can be depreciated using a variety of methods. Easily report Federal Tax and AMT depreciation calculations without using a separate asset management software. You can select up to five methods for a single asset. Our robust reporting tools allow you to drill down and analyze depreciation and capitalization as well. Non-serialized assets can be depreciated as bulk lots. Choose from a variety of depreciation methods, and update the general ledger immediately thanks to the fully integrated accounting package.

Fixed Asset Management

Track the constant relocation, repair and disposal of all of your company’s assets. Our system tracks each item from the initial purchase order through to its disposal, including office equipment. Wynne’s flexible software allows for non-serialized equipment to be depreciated, using a variety of depreciation methods. Track parts and merchandise through our sophisticated physical inventory software. And with our fully-integrated accounting system, you won’t have to worry about updating any ledgers for losses.

Customer Payment Options

Track all invoice payments and capture the method used. Cash, check or charge, your customers are able to pay off invoices at the counter, over the phone or by mail. Payment can be made in partial or full, and each transaction recorded and the remaining balance will appear on invoice reprints and month-end statements. Deposits can be made and retained on the customer’s account for use at a later date. Transfer amounts between charge accounts, and make adjustments to account for non-sufficient funds, misapplied payments or bad debt.

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Budgeting Tools

Wynne has tools to organize your asset needs and plans across your different locations.

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