Tool and Equipment Tracking Software for PMOs

When it comes to tool and equipment costs there are many places where a breakdown in communication or lack of visibility can badly affect your ability to track charges properly to each job site. Wynne’s tool and equipment tracking software is designed to deliver the visibility you need to ensure you never lack the information or the analytics to understand what your expenses are or how they should be split out. This helps prevent end of the month questions on what equipment is at which job site.  Job sites can see what they have on site, warehouse teams can see what they have lent out, and you can manage the allocations more easily from your office.

How tool and equipment tracking software will improve visibility of your equipment for your entire organization.

Project Tracking

Wynne allows you to effectively track costs and charges against your project and task codes. An easy to use job site portal can track all your asset movements between the yard and job sites. User access, requisition workflow and approvals, even forcing administration uplifts against your re-rents can all be driven by project based rules and workflow.

Mobile Applications and Paperless Processes

It’s difficult when things happen out in the field for you to be aware of all the detail. So we’ve incorporated mobile applications and paperless activity tracking via the job site portal to ensure that you have better visibility, more information and real-time data to be able to spot anomalies earlier and keep control of your equipment margins from the PMO.

Job Costing Links to Your Corporate ERP

As you capture project and task code information on your requisitions, re-rental procurement orders, equipment deployment all your job costing data can be pushed in real time back to your corporate ERP. We have standard interfaces for construction systems such as Oracle and SAP with easy to tailor interfaces allowing us to feed into CMiC, JDE and Timberline. Real-time job costing from every piece of equipment and every tool that is deployed on and off your job site, including use based, time based or activity based charging can be tracked.

Risk and Safety Management

Safety is an essential consideration in the construction industry and we have a whole host of features designed to reduce your job site risks and control safety. These include tracking qualifications and preventing requisitioning or allocation of equipment that a user is not qualified to use, to tracking and managing maintenance history; to certification and renewals. Wynne can track up to date safety documentation and safe working practice information that reduces the risk to the overall project.

“The solution provided by Wynne Systems reduces the processing time for the creation of hires and overall administration for requisitions by up to 70%, and increases accuracy not only at the order stage, but also when invoice matching in the AP.” Kier Group

Save time and money with better tool and equipment tracking solutions and controls.

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