Our history with the hire industry allows us to create integrated owned plant hire and re-hire focused solutions for specialist markets.

Construction, engineers and utilities… What these markets share is a need for agile and remote working whilst managing reactive demand and logistics for a mix of plant and tool hire needs from internal or external customers. We offer a market leading platform for managing assets, delivering job site and client needs and providing accurate revenue and cost information for all aspects of your business.

Construction Equipment Management Software

Why choose Wynne to deliver internal and external plant hire solutions for your business?

Control individual asset ROI

Fully control the productivity of assets from purchase to disposal with real-time dedicated asset, logistics and maintenance applications. Capture ROI and total cost of ownership down to individual asset level.

Mobile requisitioning

Incomplete requests from job sites creates incorrect and incomplete deliveries. Kill the mistakes and endless phone calls by capturing accurate demand direct, straight from the foreman’s phone.

Reporting & dashboards

You need to get control of costs because your margins are under fire, making on-hire reports that show costs and margin essential. Wynne delivers all the information you need in the format you choose giving you complete visibility.

Hire desk & logistics

Use the same features as the hire industry to manage plant and tools. Move seamlessly to re-hire when there’s no alternative while retaining cost and margin visibility. Availability and forecasting tools help solve your fulfilment and utilisation challenges.

Integration to your corporate ERP

Flexible interfaces to and from your corporate ERP–like Oracle, SAP and others–for master data, costs and invoices make integration simple. You can also take advantage of our asset register features to complement your ERP.

Manage bulk equipment

Bulk equipment like shoring, formwork and scaffolding are challenging. Now you can manage large volume, many line, phased orders. Easily track multiple set-ups and take-downs over time, while keeping your invoices and cost on track.

Are you ready to go paperless?

Our solution is designed to increase efficiencies from the point of requisition to invoicing. Every step of the way is tracked and managed from within our solution. You can have complete visibility with zero paperwork, lost forms and miscommunications.

Construction Equipment Management Software

Solving the challenges you face

Our solution is built for the unexpected and often reactive nature of plant hire within your construction business. Streamlined and automated, we offer end-to-end processes in a system that thinks about owned assets, workshop, logistics and re-hire all at the same time.

  • Can you quantify the cost of idle plant and tools that are sat at the job site not being used?
  • What is the cost to your healthy profit margins when you buy more than you really need?
  • Are you re-hiring unnecessarily?
  • How much time is wasted looking for lost plant and tools?
  • Is theft at the job site a problem for you?
  • Do you know what internal and externally hired plant and tools are on the job site?
  • Can you match up invoices charges with physical plant on site?
  • Who pays for all those abortive charges when you lose visibility of what is needed to be delivered or collected?
  • Are you still hiring and off hiring equipment on the phone, via email or on an excel template?
  • Is getting information a struggle when you are working remotely, away from the office for days at a time?
  • Does equipment turn up on site and it’s not what you asked for because of mis-communication?
  • Are you able to on and off hire equipment easily so job site costs are kept to a minimum?
  • Are you employing more people than you really need, just to manage spreadsheets and field phone calls and emails?
  • Do your job sites find it difficult to communicate technical or safety requirements for specialist equipment?
  • Do you often have downtime on the job-site because a service has been missed or the equipment has been poorly maintained over time leading to breakdowns?
  • Has the safety advisor quarantined plant or tools because they don’t have a valid test certificate or are out of inspection?
  • Can you accurately demonstrate the efficiencies of hiring internally?
  • Are you forever arguing with job site managers about where equipment hire is coming from because they don’t understand the benefits of hiring internally or with a preferred supplier?
  • Are you able to negotiate re-hire agreements with external suppliers that can beat what the job site manager can do on his own?

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