Equipment Rental Software to Improve Efficiency and Profits for Heavy Equipment Companies

The landscape of rental is competitive and constantly shifting, which means your equipment rental company needs to be able to react and adapt within a moment’s notice. Our equipment rental software was developed with this in mind, providing you the information and agility you need to become (or remain) a market leader.

How does our equipment rental software help your heavy equipment company?

Optimize Your Asset Management

Our equipment rental software tracks each item from initial purchase to its disposal or continued life with your customer. Depreciate serialized and bulk equipment using a variety of depreciation methods that tie directly to our fully-integrated accounting system. You can manage your internal assets, such as office equipment, vehicles and lease hold improvements as well. All of this, and robust stock-taking (including cycle counts) and inventory management, are always fully integrated to the accountancy.

Reduce Costs from Your Underperforming Assets

Our solution has a multitude of reporting tools and dashboards that allow you to quickly identify your under-performing assets. You can review utilization by time or dollar to make the best decision on whether to sell, transfer or dispose of the equipment in question. You can easily factor in the costs to maintain the asset and determine whether you’re seeing any positive ROI.

Better Manage Your Information

Wynne provides you a total ERP solution, which supports your rental and entire accounting processes.  You will be able to manage your accounts payable, accounts receivable and general ledger through one software solution. The robust financial modules let you manage depreciation of individual or bulk items, billing, taxes and more in multiple countries, currencies, and languages.

Improve Productivity by Mobilizing Your Teams

Mobile solutions extend your software’s functionality out into the field. The apps are easily deployed on tablets and mobile phones. Electronic signatures, rental, customer portal, job management and powerful dashboards are all available for your team where they are.

Easily Integrates with Your Other Software

Our software integrates with other critical business software to provide you seamless access to all your systems. Simple web tools can integrate your data to a third party resource, be it another ERP, telematics, or CRM solution.

Ready to Support Your Growing Business

Our team of professionals can assist you in aligning your software with your business plans for growth. Acquisitions or new location start-ups can be managed with little-to-no disruption to your day-to-day operations.

The Wynne Experience

Watch this short video to see how Wynne’s Equipment Rental Software can support your business

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“It is much easier to attract new hires because they already know Wynne software.”

Steve Seidner, CIO
Yancey Rents

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