Protecting your Business: Cloud Hosting and Data Backup Solutions

We know that your RentalMan ERP is the lifeblood of your successful rental business. Natural disasters, hardware failures or man-made issues can easily stop your ERP from supporting your business. How long can you afford to do business without access to RentalMan? Depending on your answer we can provide the right level of backup to match your needs.

We can provide a customized solution for you based on your recovery time requirements and budget. We offer cloud data backup and recovery, production server hosting and backup, and production and high availability solutions.

Wynne can help you keep your business up and running even if your primary servers are not.

Disasters Happen

Be prepared with a comprehensive and tested disaster recovery/business continuity (DRBC). A big part of the plan should be how you prepare your system to get back on-line and recovery any replicate any lost data. Let us help you develop and test the best plan to support your ERP.

Understand Your Downtime Tolerance

Determine how long your business can be offline and how much data you can afford to lose before it negatively impacts your business. Wynne has different plans based on your tolerance to downtime that can meet your needs and budget.

Diversify Your Risk

Recovery and backup solutions need to distant from primary production servers. Our DRBC options moves your backup to the cloud away from the immediate disaster area. We will house your solutions in a number of state of the art, secure, hardened data centers across the globe.

Rely on the Pros

Owning and managing your own systems requires skilled people and time. Moving that responsibility to someone who is a pro at keeping the system up and working frees up your staff for your businesses unique IT needs. We proactively monitor your system 24/7/365. Our technical staff has extensive platform and technical expertise to support your RentalMan instance.

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