Empowering Your Teams: Job Site Portal

Wynne’s Job Site Portal takes the complexity out of managing equipment at one or more job sites. The portal gives equipment managers, job site foreman, and procurement personnel real-time visibility of their equipment. They can track owned and rented equipment at each job site and in the yard, manage transfers between sites, and allocate costs back to the specific project or job all over one integrated paperless system.

The job site portal provides a simple e-commerce interface to Wynne’s tool software. Job site personnel simply log into the job site portal on their desktop or mobile device and select what equipment they need by clicking on a picture of the item. Standard equipment rates can be displayed up front in the portal to reduce surprises and if it has to be rented in from outside the preferred vendor rates can be shown. Once an item is chosen, users select the quantity needed, when they need it, and where to deliver it. Each request is accompanied by a job or project costing information including task or project sub-codes for cost allocation.

Personnel can also go into the system and see exactly what they have assigned to each project. They can view outstanding requisitions and pending orders, what is on rent as well as what was off rented in the period. This lets them check that they are not being charged for something that they shouldn’t be and alerts them if they still have something on-site that needs to be picked up. They can also manage their project budgets and see all their costs per period in one consolidated location. The job site portal along with mobile applications support a paperless process for construction businesses.

Increase Visibility

The job site portal allows you to track and manage your assets more effectively. It provides real-time visibility to your warehouse staff, job site personnel and procurement teams. Teams can see what equipment is available and easily return assets that are not being used.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Save time and frustration by creating an easy to use tool for your field personnel to request and manage their equipment needs. The portal is an integral part to creating a paperless process for your team by mirroring the physical steps your equipment flow.

Better Project Cost Management

Deliver information on cost, margin and total spend based on project or task codes on a daily or weekly basis. Personnel has real-time access so there are no surprises at the end of the month.

Improve Speed of Deliveries and Returns

Improve requisition accuracy and speed by allowing field personnel to create equipment requests on the fly without numerous phone calls or double order entry. They can also easily off-rent equipment through the portal.

New Mobile Application

The Job Site Portal is now available in a responsive design that can be accessed on any smart phone or tablet in addition to a standard computer

Create a Paperless End to End Solution

Automate the equipment process flow from end to end. Track your equipment from requisition all the way through to delivery and eventual return. Send picking instructions to the yard, track the equipment transportation progress and collect signatures at the job site all without resorting to paper.

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Simplify Equipment Tracking

Combine the Job Site Portal and RFID tracking to make managing your equipment even easier. Watch the end to end process at Rosendin Electric to see the paperless process in action.

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Job Site Portal View

Check out this flyer to see how the Job Site Portal can improve your operations.

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Create a Mobile Job Site Portal Requisition

Use your smart phone to create an equipment requisition on the go.

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Use Job Site Portal Mobile App to Cancel a Requisition

Easily cancel a requisition while in the field.

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Quick Pick-up Requests through the Mobile Job Site Portal App

It is easy to use the mobile application to request a pick-up of equipment at a job site.

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Use the Job Site Portal Mobile App and Supplier Connect to Improve Your Equipment Re-rentals

If your job site needs equipment your yard does not have, you can source the re-rent from multiple sources with one request.

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