Rental Equipment Software that Understands IT

Let Wynne provide you an industry leading equipment rental software that is backed by a reliable, customizable, and highly flexible infrastructure. Wynne has a proven track record deploying implementations for the largest rental companies in the world, with multiple companies connecting more than 500 locations in multiple countries with multicurrency scenarios. The service is deployed in more than 40 countries, 17 languages and is ready to scale to all your locations wherever they exist. Whether you have a large IT team or small, we can work with your budget and staff.

How does Wynne’s equipment rental solution help IT leaders and teams?

On Premise or in the Cloud

There are a number of installation options to fit your individual business needs, from on-premise software, to hosted or cloud software solutions. So whether you want to keep your data in your own private network or centrally in the cloud, we have a solution that will work for you.

Flexible and Scalable

Our equipment rental software is highly scalable and can be used to connect thousands of locations and tens of thousands of users. If you’re opening a new branch or have acquired multiple branches, you can get them up and running with minimal disruption.

Data Backup Services

Protect your systems with daily backups to make sure your critical data is available if there is a problem with your primary server. Your data is replicated daily via the cloud to another server in a geographically diverse data center.

Hosting and High Availability Alternatives

We manage your primary production server for you in a state of the art data center, monitored around the clock by IT professionals. We also provide diverse high availability servers to provide real-time backup of your critical systems.

Integrates with Other Systems

Our software integrates with other critical business software to provide you seamless access to all your systems. Simple web tools can integrate your CRM, telematics or payroll systems–wherever your data may be.

Reliable and Secure

Our platform is built on an industry proven architecture with extremely high reliability. Add to that a diverse network infrastructure with redundancy, you can be assured your network will be up and running when you are.

Data Backup and Hosting Solutions

Protect your Wynne application via a robust cloud backup. We provide a number of options for hosting your primary production server as well as your backup solutions.

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Integration Tools

A quick guide to Wynne’s integration architecture solution that connects Wynne’s software to other software that you might use.

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Cresco Equipment Rental Case study

“We no longer have to worry about backing up our system and we can be assured that in the case of a disaster we have a strong backup plan in place.” Erik Larson, Cresco Equipment Rentals.

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