Integration with Other Systems Improves Productivity

Wynne’s RentalMan software was built to be a full end-to-end ERP. However, there are times when your business needs to integrate with other external systems. If you have a corporate ERP or a best-of-breed software that requires integration, we have an open system that will allow communication between the two. Our team can work with you to match the data and get the information flowing where you need it.

Connect RentalMan to Your Corporate Applications

  • Integration to Your ERP: If you are using a company-wide corporate ERP other than RentalMan, our flexible APIs can manage passing data between the systems. One-way or bi-directional feeds can be set up, based upon your needs. You can select which houses the master data, and integrations can be simple or as highly-complex as necessary.
  • Integration to Your CRM: Your sales team live in their CRM and integration with RentalMan makes it easier for them to be kept up-to-date on account standing, A/R history and credit balances. Data from RentalMan can be pushed to your CRM, such as Salesforce, Zoho or Microsoft Dynamics. Feed updated account information back to RentalMan, eliminating duplicate data entries into either system.
  • Integration to Telematics and IoT: As the Internet of Things (IoT) takes momentum, you want to leverage that data and merge it into RentalMan. We have APIs for common telematics providers and can build API hooks and mappings for almost any kind of data you need to collect.

Flexible Architecture

When you need SOAP or RESTful web services or flat files, we have a flexible open architecture that can be configured to meet your needs. We integrate with multiple middle wares and fit that directly into your company’s business logic.

Reduce Order Entry Time and Mistakes

There’s no need to enter data into more than one system. Our integration can automate information feeding to and from the RentalMan. This real-time flow enables you to provide better visibility of your data in all the systems you rely on.

Highly Secure

Our APIs utilize industry standard protocol to authenticate data workflows, making sure the data goes where it’s supposed to go. We have two different authentication flows based on your security platform and requirements.

Full Visibility

You get full visibility of the interfaces and receive clear messaging on any failures or data errors both to and from the system.

Guide to API Translations

In today’s technology driven-world, most competitive companies use various best of breed applications. Unfortunately, most of these applications are not designed to work with one another right out of the box. Each application has its own programming language, database, and business logic and security layers. That makes sharing information between the various applications a challenge and requires some sort of translator.

Learn about APIs

What’s Integration Architecture?

Want to learn about APIs and how we use them to communicate to external software solutions? This informative guide details what Integration Architecture is and how simple it can be to get two separate systems to speak the same language.

Learn about Integration Architecture