See the Big Picture

Dispatching a fleet of field technicians is a multi-faceted operation too complex to hinge on whiteboards and spreadsheets. Communication breakdowns can cost opportunities and lack of visibility can leave your dispatchers in the dark and unable to respond. TechConnect provides all-encompassing visibility to your managers and dispatchers, enabling them to see the big picture and manage their operations more effectively.

Plan ahead to make optimal use of every workday

TechConnect features multiple calendar views that provide dispatchers with complete visibility over technician availability and grant technicians the ability to view their schedules in advance and plan their days more effectively.

Streamline all aspects of the scheduling process

Through intuitive drag-and-drop, TechConnect makes scheduling easier, faster, and more error-resistant. By representing work as blocks of hours along technician-specific timelines, TechConnect makes scheduling tactile and precise.

Communicate assignments without phone calls or paper

Assignments delivered by email and text message alleviate your dispatchers' workload and provide your mechanics with everything they need to know for each job.

Reduce your travel time, increase your wrench time

TechConnect eliminates the need for paper work orders to be picked up at your office. So instead of starting their workdays chatting by the water cooler, your techs can begin their shifts at their job sites.

Gain the visibility you need to manage effectively

TechConnect enables managers and dispatchers to keep close tabs on their mechanics' activity in real-time, ensuring that your back office knows where and what your techs are working on at all times.

Increase productivity and customer satisfaction

Your customers want their equipment serviced as quickly as possible, and you want your service team to work on as much equipment as they can handle. By eliminating scheduling inefficiency TechConnect enables service departments to complete more work faster.

Why Whiteboards and Spreadsheets Aren't Enough

The success of every service department hinges on the productivity of its technicians. By extension, every working hour lost due to scheduling inefficiency is also the loss of meaningful revenue that can never be recovered. Learn how TechConnect enables service departments to maximize every hour of their mechanics’ workdays by watching our informative presentation.