Keep tabs on your assets wherever they are

Managing mobile assets is a difficult job. Tracking the location and usage of multiple assets is
cumbersome and time consuming, particularly if it’s a manual process. Using GPS (telematics) devices will make the task of tracking mobile assets much easier. These devices can provide a wealth of data collected from the equipment. This data includes physical location tracking, movement detection and usage data, just to name just a few capabilities.

Accelerate your pickups

Through on-demand pings, MATs guides drivers to exactly where assets are located. Not having to hunt for what they need to pick up gets drivers on the road faster and reduces idling costs.

Recover lost assets faster and more reliably

With MATS, fleet managers can keep a watchful eye over assets on the road and on rent. Geofencing, customizable alerts, and motion-activated location pings shorten time to recovery.

Bill for every hour you are owed

By detecting whenever assets are powered on, turned off, or used after being called off rent, MATS enables rental companies to charge for every hour of operation they are owned, increasing profitability.

Get more out of your maintenance

MATS makes it easy for service teams to identify high priority assets by automatically logging hours of operation. Turning around high-demand assets faster results in improved uptime and utilization.

Resolve billing disputes frictionlessly

MATS provides in-depth utilization metrics that can be presented to customers when hours of operation are called into question. This irrefutable data helps re-mediate such conflicts without issue.

Prevent unauthorized asset use

With MATS, equipment providers can take proactive measures to discourage unsanctioned operation. By minimizing misuse and avoidable wear and tear, MATS users can increase the longevity of their fleet.