Empower Your Renters with Customer Portal

Empower your customers with a self-service portal that delivers real-time information

Eliminate the need for fielding requests and inquiries about account information that your customers can easily access themselves. This web-based application delivers the information they want, 24 hours a day without phone calls or emails. A responsive design means your customers can access this information from any computer, laptop or mobile device. Customers can access their account-specific information, off-rent equipment, view and pay invoices, run reports and more.

Self-service Account Management

Easy access to critical information. Simple dashboards allows users to access the information they inquire the most about. Clicking any dashboard will drill-down into the report, providing all the information they may need.

Contract and Invoice Management

Users can view, print or download contracts or invoices whenever they want. For open invoices, the user can pay right away with their credit card for one, some or all of their unpaid balances.

Access Custom Reporting

Users can run and customize their own reports that can be viewed on demand or delivered to specified email addresses and schedule it to recur at nearly any interval. Customers can report on items like rental history by type, rental amounts by month, equipment on rent, equipment by estimated return date, and more.

Simplify Off-renting

Gives your customers an easy way to return equipment via a self-service portal. This gives you the power to turn around equipment even faster, to maximize utilization and ROI.

Customer Portal Brochure

Download to learn more about how Wynne’s Customer Portal can increase satisfaction for your renters.

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